Listed below are some web site links to other folk-dance clubs and organisations that readers might find useful or of general interest.

  1. English Folk Song and Dance Society
    The national organisation to promote Folk Song and dance
  2. Folk in Leicestershire & Rutland
    The Web site of the EFDSS Leicestershire & Rutland District Committee
  3. Set and Turn Single
    A listings web site for folk dancing
  4. Burton Overy Folk Dance Club
    A club that meets on Wednesday evenings that is also attended by several RFDC members.
  5. Northampton Folk Dance Club
    Meets regularly on Thursday evenings and has public dances at weekends.
  6. Quorn Folk Dance Club
  7. Loughborough Folk Dance Club
  8. Bedford Fine Companions Folk Dance Club
  9. Titchmarsh Folk Dance Club
    Meets weekly on Monday Evenings
  10. Northampton Ceilidhs
    Monthly Barn Dances, Ceilidhs and Contra Dances, October to April, at Christchurch Hall, Northampton; always with a caller and live band.
  11. Red Fox Ceilidhs
    Ceilidhs and Barn Dances in central Leicester
  12. Alcester Contras
    Contra Dances in Warwickshire
  13. Halsway Manor
    National Folk Arts Centre that provides courses, events and other activities related to folk music, dance song, story-telling, etc.
  14. Country Dance & Song Society
    The American equivalent to EFDSS, that promotes traditional dance, music and song in the USA. Based in Easthampton, Massachussetts.
  15. The Round
    Cambridge University English Country Dance Club, with lots of useful information and resources about dance and music.
  16. Calendar of Folk Events in and around Northants.
    Click on the link: