The  RFDC 2018-2019 Dancing Programme until March 2019 is shown below. The programme from April to June 2019 will be added as soon as details have been finalised.

Unless indicated otherwise, dancing takes place on Friday evenings from 8.00pm to 10.00pm in Uppingham Town Hall.

At the bottom of this page you can find lists of the dances that were called each week, and the RFDC programmes of previous years, with lists of dances called then. 


The RFDC Dance Programme for 2018 to 2019 is:-

Black type =  Open Club Callers Night
Blue type   =  Named Club Caller(s) Night
Red type    =  Invited Guest Caller Night
* Committee Meeting @ 6.45pm


Sept 07: Club Callers : “Free Choice”

Sept 14: Gwynneth Moore & Peter Meacock

Sept 21: Mike Bird : Guest Caller

*Sept 28: Club Callers : “Lord Nelson’s 260th Birthday/Trafalgar”

Sunday, September 30: 2.30 to 6.00pm
RFDC’s 45th Anniversary Sapphire Tea Dance
Guest Caller: John Turner
Band:  The Occasional Two
To see pictures from the Anniversary Tea Dance please go to the PICTURE GALLERY page

Oct 05: Susan Parkin

Oct 12: Club Callers : “Harvest Time”

Oct 19: Sue & Paul Rees : Guest Callers.

*Oct 26: Lady Club Callers : “Suffragettes Anniversary”.

Nov 02: Roy Garrington : Guest Caller – “Spooks & Sparklers”

Nov 09: Ian Whitehead

Nov 16: Pam Hornby, Jean Beaver & Janet Sharman

Nov 23: Club Callers : “Stars and Stripes”

*Nov 30: Gwynneth Moore & Kevin Mears

Dec 07: Club Callers : “Christmas Hats” (use the letters!)

Callers : Jeannie Byron, Gwynneth Moore & Ken Judd,
With music from : Kevin & Graham Prigmore

7.30 to 10.30pm
Mulled wine/fruit juice provided
Please bring a plate of festive food to share

Dec 21/Jan 04  SORRY NO DANCING – Christmas/New Year Break


Jan 04: Club Callers : “Reels & Heys to bring in the New Year”

Jan 11: Club Callers : “Members’ Requests”

Jan 18: Peter Meacock

*Jan 25: Burns Night : Callers tba

Feb 01: Kevin Prigmore : Guest Caller

Feb 08: Club Callers : “Here Comes Summer!”

Feb 15: Gentlemen Club Callers : “Cupid’s Arrow”

*Feb 22: Bronwyn Taylor & Margaret Pollard

Mar 01: Roy & Norma Garrington : Guest Callers – ” A Welsh-ish Night!”

Mar 08: Jeannie Byron & Peter Meacock ; “A Playford Evening”

Mar 15: Club Callers : “Norfolk Capers”

Mar 22: Liam Binley & Ken Judd

Mar 29: AGM with Election of Club Officers & Club Callers: “Free Choice”
Note:- 7.30pm start for AGM

Apr 05:

Apr 12:


Apr 26:

May 03:

May 10:

May 17:

May 24:

May 31: Gu

June 07:

June 14:

June 21:

June 28: SUMMER PARTY NIGHT : 7.30 to 10.30pm
             Guest Caller & Band:
Tickets: £?, and please bring a plate of party food to share


Sunday, 30th September, 2018: 2.30-6.00pm
RFDC 45th Anniversary Tea Dance
Caller: John Turner
Band: The Occasional Two
Tickets: £7 ; tel 01780 460389 or 0116 279 3345
Please bring a plate of party food to share


Dances called so far this year (2018-19)

Sept 07: Club Callers – Free Choice
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Blue-eyed Jenny (Ken)
For Rebecca (Janet S)
A Garland for Judi (Jeannie)
Recognition Square (Liam)
Star Down (Susan)
A Flower for Stephanie (Janet S)
Don’t Look Back (Jeannie)
Childgrove (Peter)
Giant Steps (Susan)
Mignonette (Ken)

Sept 14: Gwynneth & Peter (Club Callers)
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Dunham Oaks (Gwynneth)
Alterations (Gwynneth)
Viking’s Sheepskin (Peter)
A Perfect Ten (Peter)
Chinese Breakdown (Gwynneth)
Relay Square (Gwynneth)
Star Circle (Peter)
Surprise for Tom (Peter)
Westhill Wheelwrights (Gwynneth)

Sept 21: Mike Bird (Guest Caller)
The dances Mike called were:-
What the Dickens!
The Stitcher’s Birthday
The Golden Age
Moscow Nights
The Drummer
The Disbanded Officer
Barbarini’s Tambourine
Sun Assembly
Edinburgh Snake
Wishing Waltz

Sept 28: Club Callers – “Lord Nelson’s 290th Birthday!”
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Holiday Hornpipe (Gwynneth)
Sapphire Sea (Liam)
Aweigh Anchor (Susan)
Admirable Nelson (Peter)
Triple Nelson (Pam)
Trafalgar Square (Susan)
Sea Bright (Pam)
Row Well Ye Mariners (Peter)

Sunday, September 30: 2.30 to 6.00pm
RFDC’s 45th Anniversary Sapphire Tea Dance
Guest Caller: John Turner
Band:  The Occasional Two
The dances that John Called were:-
Dover Pier
Beckett Reel
Pride of Newcastle
The Night Cap
Hobo IV
Twa Meenit Reel
The Goat Fell Gallop
Little Man in a Fix
Ely Waltz
Wakefield Hunt
Dorset Four-Hand Reel
Dick’s Alternate Maggot
Waiting on the Corner
The Young Widow

Oct 05: Susan Parkin
The dances that Susan Called were:-
Saturday Siesta
Wallington Golden Jubilee
The Slof Galliard
Bins 88
Ups and Downs
Waltz to Whipsnade
Square Line Special
K & E

Oct 12: Club Callers : “Harvest Time”
The dances that were called (Caller) were:-
Blythe Company/All Among the Barley (Jeannie)
Farmer’s Quadrille (John P)
White Wheat (Margaret P)
Pippins (janet S)
Merrymakers Jubilee (Jean B)
The Hop Pickers’ Feast (Peter)
The Farmer’s Jig (Ken)
Haymakers (Jeannie)
Cranberries & Kumquats (Janet S)
Gathering Peascods (Margaret P)
Autumn in Amherst (John P)
Blackbird PIe (Jean B)

Oct 19: Sue & Paul Rees : Guest Callers.
The dances that Sue and Paul called were:-
Soulton Jig
Staircase in Styria
Northampton Ramble
Beechen Grove’s New Hall
Karla’s Waltz
Jack’s Dolphin
An Olive Grove
Brief Encounter
Sweet Heart
Merry Makers’ Jubilee

Oct 26:  Lady Club Callers : “Suffragettes Anniversary”.
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Deeds Not Words (Jeannie)
Fine Dame (Jean B)
Always Possible (Susan)
Alice (Heather)
Pelorus Jack (Heather)
The Pugilist (Margaret P)
Pentonville (Pam)
Connie Lane (Gwynneth)
Hyde Park (Jeannie)

Nov 02: Roy Garrington : Guest Caller – “Spooks & Sparklers”
The dances that Roy called were:-

Nov 09: Ian Whitehead
The dances that Ian called were:-
Always Possible
A Road Less Travelled
Des Remembere
Salt of the Earth
Hope for the Best
Lost at Sea
Down the Ocean
Around the Corner

Nov 16: Pam Hornby, Jean Beaver & Janet Sharman
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Bar-a-Bar (Pam)
Rufty Tufty (Pam)
Farewell to Maine (Janet )
A Flower for Stephanie
Hi-Seven (Jean)
75th Anniversary Reel (Jean)
The Touchstone (Pam)
The Comical Fellow (Pam)
Harke Planeet (Janet)
Kimberley’s Sicilian (Jean)

Nov 23: Club Callers : “Stars and Stripes”
The dances called (Caller) were:-



Downloadable/Printable versions of  previous RDFC programmes
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