The  RFDC 2017-2018 Dancing Programme that started on September 8 is listed below.
For a downloadable/printable version of the complete 2017/18 programme click on the link here:-  RFDC prog.2017-18

Unless indicated otherwise, dancing takes place on Friday evenings from 8.00pm to 10.00pm in Uppingham Town Hall.

At the bottom of this page you can find information about the RFDC programmes of previous years, and the dances that were called. 


The RFDC Dance Programme for 2017 to 2018 is:-

Black type =  Open Club Callers Night
Blue type   =  Named Club Caller(s) Night
Red type    =  Invited Guest Caller Night


Sept 08: Club Callers – Jeannie & Ken: “First Day Back!”

Sept 15: Club Callers: “Free Choice”

Sept 22: Club Callers: “September Equinox; Moon & Stars”

Sept 29: Club Callers: ” Harvest Hoe Down”

Oct 6: Club Callers – Gwynneth & Susan

Oct 13: Club Callers – Bronwyn & Liam

Oct 20: Guest Caller: Adrian Besant

Oct 27: Club Callers: “Pumpkin Night”

Nov 3:  Club Caller: Jeannie Byron

Nov 10: Club Caller: Ian Whitehead

Nov 17: Guest Caller: Janice Holland

Nov 24: Club Callers: “Precious Metals; Queen’s 70th Wedding Anniversary!”

Dec1: Guest Caller: Philip Cambers – “The Road to Bethlehem”

Dec 8: Club Callers: “Christmas Jumper/Hat Evening”

Caller: tbc 

Please bring a plate of Xmas food to share

Dec 22/29  SORRY NO DANCING – Christmas/New Year Break


Jan 5: Club Callers: ” New Beginnings

Jan 12: Club Caller – Susan Parkin

Jan 19: Club Callers – John Green & Friends: “Men’s Evening”

Jan 26: BURNS NIGHT; Guest Caller: Geoff Weston

Feb 2: Club Callers: “Members’ Requests Evening”

Feb 9: Club Caller: Peter Meacock

Feb 16: Club Callers: “Hearts and Flowers”

Feb 23: Club Callers – Gwynneth & Ken: “Fried De Metz Hermann Dances”

Mar 2: Club Caller – Ian Whitehead

Mar 9: Club Callers: “Five, Four, Three, Two…..(couple) dances”

Mar 16: Club Callers – Margaret Pollard & Friends: “Easter Bonnets”

Mar 23: AGM with Election of Club Officers & Club Callers: “Free Choice”


Apr 6: Club Callers: “Spring Alive”

Apr 13: Club Callers: John P & Jane E

Apr 20: Club Callers: Peter, Pam & Margaret

Apr 27: SPRING DANCE: 7.30 to 10.30pm
              Guest Caller & Band: Lynne Render with Belzebub
Tickets: £tbc
Please bring a plate of food to share

May 4: Guest Caller: Patsy Paterson with the Maypole

May 11: Club Callers: Janet S, Jean B & Jeannie B

May 18: Guest Callers: Paul & Sue Rees

May 25: Club Callers: “Callers Favourites”

Jun1: Guest Callers: Roy & Norma Garrington

Jun 8: Club Caller – Susan Parkin

Jun 15: Club Callers: “Children’s Day”

Jun 22: Guest Caller: Paul Garner

Jun 30: SUMMER PARTY NIGHT – “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”
             Guest Caller & Band: Kevin Prigmore with Kelly’s Eye
Please bring a plate of party food to share



Dances called so far this year (2017-18)

Sept 08: Club Callers – Jeannie & Ken: “First Day Back!”
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Boston Baked Beans (Ken)
Waltz for Flo (Ken)
Parisian Star (Ken)
Trip to Tunbridge (Jeannie)
Fete de Village (Jeannie)
De Volf (Jeannie)
The Pleasure Vest (Ken)
The Bishop’s Halloween (Jeannie)
Russian Gold (Jeannie)

Sept 15: Club Callers: “Free Choice”
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Neither Here Nor There (Susan)
Gaye’s Grove (Liam)
Tops and Bottoms (Ken)
Three’s Company (Peter)
Chocolate for Breakfast (Jeannie)
Long Live London (John)
Barbara’s Octet (Susan)
Heartbeat Contra (Liam

Sept 22: Club Callers: “September Equinox; Moon & Stars”
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Autumn Moon (Ian W)
American Summer (Colin Mc)
Circle Dance (Bronwyn)
Autumn in Amherst (Ken)
Shooting Stars (Jean B)
Harke Planeet (Peter)
Star Gazers (Jeannie)
Moonshine & Starbright (Susan)
A Grand Starry Night (John G)
Members were invited to come suitably dressed to illustrate the theme of the evening.
Colin Mc excelled as “Equinox” – equal light and dark!

Sept 29: Club Callers: “Harvest Hoe Down”
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Autumn Amble (Pam)
Do-si-do and Face the Sides (Jane E)
The New Harvest; aka Chinese New Year! (Liam)
Harrow Hoedown (Ian W)
Jenny Pluck Pears (Margaret P)
Haymakers’ Jig (John P)
The Waggoners (Peter)
The Hop-pickers’ Feast (Susan)
Dorset Applecake (Colin Mc)
White Wheat (Jean B)
Gathering Peascods (Peter)

Oct 6: Club Callers: Gwynneth and Susan
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Peace be With You (Gwynneth)
The Road to Youth (Gwynneth)
Mrs Pike’s Maggot (Susan)
A Fond Farewell to Holderness (Susan)
Delia (Gwynneth)
Merry Makers’ Jubilee (Gwynneth)
Circul’eight (Susan)
Portesham Breakfast (Susan)
Old Fashioned Girl (Gwynneth)
Rob’s Maggot Gwynneth)
Lancashire Reel (Gwynneth)

Oct13: Club Callers: Bronwyn and Liam
The dances called (Caller) were:-
Box the Gnat (Liam)
Boiling Mud (Liam)
Dancing Dolphins (Bronwyn)
Unrequited Love (Bronwyn)
Maliza’s Magical Mystery Motion (Liam)
Hexitation (Bronwyn)
The Hobo (Bronwyn)
Another Flirty Attempt (Liam)
Heart of Glass (Liam)
Circassian Circle (Bronwyn)

Oct 20: Guest Caller: Adrian Besant
The dances that Adrian called were:-
Swing to a Line
Early One Morning
Nene Valley Sicilian
Still Russian Around
Snowflake Breakdown
Mr Mozart’s Rant
Staffordshire Knot
Haymakers’ Holiday
Dunham Oaks
Yorkshire Square Eight
Circassian Circle


Downloadable/Printable versions of  previous RDFC programmes
click on file to open for saving/printing :

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