Because of refurbishment work to Uppingham Town Hall, RFDC will be moving to Preston Village Hall, 1 Church Lane, Preston, Rutland, LE15 9NG.
This will affect the meetings on Friday October 19 and Friday October 26, 2018.

RFDC Music Library update (added May 5, 2017)
RFDC has purchased the new CD “Another Look at Playford” by Dave & Victoria Yeomans with Margaret & Ian Jones, which was prepared to celebrate the “Pat Shaw Centenary”. The CD has 19 tracks to accompany Pat Shaw’s collection of 120 dance interpretations; it includes a booklet giving notations for the dances  This has been added to the CD Collection, # 57, and is now available for borrowing by members.
The Music Library page of this web site has been updated with new versions of the CD catalogue, including the track listings, which feature this addition. Click on the RFDC MUSIC LIBRARY page in order to find down-loadable and printable versions of the updated catalogue.

Photos from the 2017 Annual Feast (added April 24, 2017)
Go to the PICTURE GALLERY page for pictures taken at the 2017 RFDC Annual Feast Dance held on Friday April 21st.

ELSIE McINTOSH (added April 13, 2017, and updated April 22, 2017)
It is with very great sadness we report that Elsie McIntosh, an Honorary RFDC Life Member who organised and Called many happy club nights and dances, passed away on Thursday April 13th, 2017.

CHARLES BOLTON (added July 11th, updated July 28th, 2016)
charles bolton
It is with great regret we report the sad news that Charles Bolton passed away on July 10th, 2017. Charles became a member of RFDC when he moved to Market Harborough and we were privileged to enjoy his company. He wrote many lovely dances that are enjoyed worldwide including one, Fresh Fields,  dedicated to RFDC .
Below is a link to the information about Charles on the CDSS web site;-
Charles Bolton from the CDSS Web site

Charles’ funeral was attended by folk dancers and musicians from the Midlands area, and the wider UK, who gathered to celebrate the life and achievements of this remarkable man. A group of musicians from several of the bands that had worked with Charles played a selection of dance tunes that he had composed including The Dancing Years, Resolution, Cannock Chase, Fresh Fields, Serendipity, and The Elixir.

RFDC Music Library Update (added 3rd June 2016)
CD#38 “Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance vol2: The She Favourite” has been replaced with a better quality recording.
Updated (June 2016) Pdf versions have been added to the “RFDC Support for Callers” page of;-
the catalogue of RFDC CDs (listed in both Alphabetical and Numerical order)
and, the lists of Dances/Tracks on RFDC CDs (listed by both CDs and by Track Titles).
All can be opened by clicking on the link, and then either printed directly or saved to the reader’s PC for later inspection.

Photos from the Celebration of HM the Queen’s 90th birthday (added 21st May, 2016)
Go to the “Picture Gallery” page to see photos from the RFDC Celebration of HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday held on Friday May 13th , 2016

Photos from the 2016 Spring Dance (added 28th April, 2016)
Go to the “Picture Gallery” page to see photos from the RFDC 2016 Spring Dance

Additions to RFDC Music Library  (added 29th February 2016)
Patrick McArragher has kindly donated the following CDs to the RFDC Music Library;-
#6a: Dance & Sing II, by Amaryllis  – a second copy
#50: A Portland Selection, by George Penk, Clyde Curley and Susan Songer
#51: Dutch Crossing, by Wild Thyme
#52: From Two Barns, Volume10 & Supplement, by Sue and John Stapledon (Not Quite West Kirby)
#53: Hilary’s Humours, Volume 2, by Keeping Thyme
#54: Margaret’s Mementoes, by Orion’s Ring
#55: On the Job, by Stowfolk
#56: Red Star Line, by A Joyful Noise/Hold the Mustard
The club is very grateful to Patrick for  this generous gift, and we hope members will enjoying using them for both calling and general listening.


All the CDs have been added to the Music Library and available for members to borrow. In some cases there is an accompanying book of dances in the Music Library Collection; see Music Library Catalogues which have also been updated on the ” RFDC Support for Dance Callers” page.

New Additions to RFDC Music Library (added 21st February, 2016)
The following five CDs, digitised to CDs from cassette recordings, have been added to the RFDC Music Library for members to borrow:-
#45: Optimistic Dances Volume 4, by Charles Bolton, played by Peter Jenkins of Kafoozalum (BJ8)
#46: Optimistic Dances Volume 5, by Charles Bolton, played by Two’s Company (Fiona & Mark  Maurice Smith) (2sCo2)
#47: Retreads, Volume 4, by Charles Bolton, played by Charles Bolton (CB4)
#48: Retreads, Volume 6, by Charles Bolton, played by Charles Bolton (CB6)
#49: Retreads, Volume 7, by Charles Bolton, played by Charles Bolton (CB7)
The lists of CDs, and tracks, have been updated on the “Resources for Callers” page with these new additions.

Elsie & Colin McIntosh awarded Life Membership (added 11th September, 2015)
At the 2015 AGM of the RFDC, members voted unanimously in support of the proposal that Elsie and Colin McIntosh should be awarded Honorary Life Membership as a mark of recognition and gratitude for their many years of dedicated service and support to the club.

Pictures from the occasion are in the attached file
Elsie & Colin McIntosh awarded Life Membership (Click on the link to open the file)

Additions to the Music Library (added 18th June, 2015)
Two new CDs have been added to the Music Library;-
#43: “Halsway Manor – Ten Years On”, by the Millenium Players
#44: “Spreading Our Wings”, by Skylark
The lists of CDs, and tracks, have been updated on the “Resources for Callers” page with these new additions.

W.I. Centenary Evening Photos  (added 18th June, 2015)
Photos from the “W.I. centenary celebration evening have been added to the “Picture Gallery” page.